House / Electrical Inspections

Why should you use us?

We have over 30 years experience in the industry and our advanced technology can pick up issues that standard inspections will never see, eg moisture and leaky home syndrome and also electrical problems that can endanger your home and family. We believe in giving the customer value for money, our prices are competitive and we are very thorough, your report will contain photos of a front page aerial view, a front and back view of the property with an unbiased 260 point check of your prospective house or rental and photos of issues if any with the property that need work, we are also happy to discuss any further queries with you.

Our pricing is as follows:

1 bedroom house $205.00 Inc GST

2 bedroom house $340.00 Inc GST

3 – 4 bedroom house $495.00 Inc GST

Electrical Inspections

We offer Electrical Inspections ONLY, for customers concerned with electrical checks or issues.These inspections are done at an hourly rate of $75 Inc GST.